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Where We Experience Hope, Freedom and God….Together


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About The River

Our Mission is Simple

Where Our Members and Guests Experience Hope, Freedom and God...Together

Our Vision is Big

To purposely live-out Christ's two Great Commandments: To love God and love all people. -Matthew 22: 36-40

Our Core Values

All people matter to God. The Bible is both relevant and transformational in our lives. Relationship is vital for spiritual, emotional and physical well-being. Missional living completes a Christ-Follower’s life.

Join Us

You are welcome to join us every Sunday at 10am. We'll save a seat for you!

The River is a non-denominational church in Delavan, WI. 

Services and ministry activities take place inside a unique, 1929 Spanish architecture building in downtown Delavan that once housed local stage plays and 2 movie theaters. From mid-2006 to early 2007, members and friends renovated it to become the church we have today, while maintaining some of the thematic components from the movie theater days. 

If you've ever sought "churches near me," give The River a try.

The River of Life Christian Church

405 East Walworth Ave., Delavan WI 53115

(262) 728-9681

Office Hours

Monday  –  10am - 2pm
Tuesday  –  10am - 5pm
Wednesday  –  10am - 2pm
Thursday  –  10am - 2pm
Friday – Closed
Sunday  –  9am - Noon